Case Study
Blume is a planter that combines the longevity of potted plants with the beauty of cut flowers. It comes with a digital educational experience to help everyone cultivate their green thumb.
Blume is a custom-designed planter. Blume's one-of-a-kind physical design enables it to maintain long lasting potted plants in its outer ring, and feature beautiful fresh cut flowers in the center vase. It comes with a digital experience that is designed thoughtfully to help even worst home gardeners succeed in their personal horticulture journey
What I Did
  • Secondary Research
  • Interviewed Users & Subject Matter Experts
  • Physical prototyping
  • Wireframe & key app flows
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • 3D Renderings
  • Rich Photography
  • collaborated with Industrial Designer on future forms
  • Working interactive iPad display module
Visual Identity & Design System
The visual identity was created with nature, greenery and living things in mind. There is a simplicity and airiness to the identity. The logo features a leaf and a flower bud in mirror image.
Digital Experience
The app provides contextual reminders to help everyone cultivate their green thumb. People have a choice between either Pothos or Succulents. Both of these plant types are extremely hard to kill, making it perfect for beginners. The app guides users through 4 key stage;