Graphic Design
ADHD Brochure
There is a severe lack of knowledge in the general public about ADHD. Yet it is one the most common mental health diagnoses for children in the united states.
Lack of Information
“Our findings point to a critical need to educate the public about the symptoms of ADHD, its causes, and the treatments that have proven effective”
McLeod JD, Fettes DL, Jensen PS, Pescosolido BA, Martin JK. Public Knowledge, Beliefs, and Treatment Preferences Concerning Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Psychiatric services (Washington, DC). 2007;58(5):626-631. doi:10.1176/
My solution was to create an accurate, informative, engaging and clearly designed brochure for parents to read about their child's diagnosis. The brochure is crafted to evoke empathy and provide real tangible tips to improve the child's working ability and emotional relationship.